Three Card Poker

Three Card Poker players receive three cards, all dealt face down, but the deal is interrupted after each round for a betting interval. After the dealing of the third card and the third betting interval, there is. a showdown in which three of a kind -is the highest hand; then come a three-card straight flush; a three-card flush; a three-card straight; a pair; and high card as among three otherwise unmatched cards.

This game is also played high-low, with the ace ranking high in a high hand and low in a low hand. Usually declarations are required.

Two-Card Poker
Each player receives two cards, face down. There is one betting interval and a showdown. Straights and flushes do not count, a pair being the highest hand and high cards de-tepnining the rank as among hands with no pair.

This game is usually played with wild cards, either deuces or “one-eyes” (the jacks of spades and hearts, and the king of diamonds). It is often played high-low, with the ace ranking high in the high hand and low in the low hand. Usually declarations are required

Hurricane Poker
Two-card poker played at high-low (often with deuces

Red and Black Poker
In betting and settlement, Red and Black is the same as High-Low Poker; but it is not the rank of poker hands which decides the result. All red cards have a “plus” value and all black cards a “minus” value. Aces count 1 each, face cards 10 each, other cards as many points as the numbers showing on their faces. If a player has 9 K Q O7 09 <$> 4 he is “plus 14” because he has 27 points in plus cards and 13 pomts in minus cards.

There is a deal of five cards and a betting interval as in 0raw Poker; then a draw and another betting interval, followed by a showdown in which the highest hand and the lowest hand divide the pot. Theoretically, of course, the “highest” hand can be the lowest minus, or the “lowest” hand can be the smallest plus.

Mexican Stud Poker
There is no difference between this game and Five-Card Stud Poker except that all cards are dealt face down. After each card is dealt, each player may turn up one of his cards and leave any card he pleases face down as his hole card.

Baseball Poker
Seven-Card Stud is played, with all ninespots wild and with any three in the hole wild, and with these special rules:

  1. The first player who is dealt a threespot face up must decide either to drop out of the pot or to “buy the pot” (pay a forfeit to the pot equivalent to the number of chips already in the pot) and stay in. If he does buy the pot, from teat time onward all threes are wild whether in the hole or not.
  2. If a player is dealt a four, face up, he may either keep it or discard it and have it replaced by another card. A four dealt face down has no special significance.

In either case, a player must make his decision (and make the required contribution, if any, to the pot) before another card is dealt. A card dealt in the meantime is dead.

Football Poker
The same as Baseball, except that all sixes and fours are wild, a four dealt face up requires the player to match the pot or drop, and a deuce dealt face up entitles the player to a free hole card, dealt immediately.

Knock Poker
Best for three to five players. There Is an ante from each player, then five cards are dealt face down to each player; the undealt cards are placed in the center of the table to form the stock. The player to dealer’s left draws the top card of the stock and discards, and thereafter each player in turn has his choice between the top card of the stock and the top discard. The discard pile should be kept squared up and is not open for inspection.

Anaconda Poker
Each player Is dealt seven cards, face down. There is a round of betting (sometimes omitted), after which each player still in the pot passes three cards to his left (or right, as agreed). Each player then discards two cards, leaving himself five cards for his final hand. After a round of betting, each remaining player stacks his five cards in the order in which he intends to expose them. (This order may not be changed during the course of the hand.) After each player has determined his order, each turns a card. There is another round of betting. Each player then flips (turns over) a second card and there is another round of betting, and so on, until a showdown is reached.

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